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The working principle of Dual Shaft Shredder is introduced.2018-05-18 10:11:46
The working principle of Dual Shaft Shredder is introduced.

Today we are going to talk about the two working principles of Dual Shaft Shredder, and we hope that it can be helpful to you. Here we will remind you of the choice of the most suitable ones.


First: use the double shaft or single shaft to rotate at low speed, and use the knife disc to cut, cut, tear and pull the material. Direct connect worm gear reducer motor, directly mounted on the drive shaft of the shearing machine, transmission through gear transmission to the driven shaft, so that the dynamic knife of the driving shaft and the static knife disk on the shell form relative motion. The spiral gear cutter disc in the active shaft is staggered and arranged, so that the material can enter and be squeezed, torn and sheared, so that the material can be broken.